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Vendor Risk Management

Vendor risk management is now a very important concept that needs meticulous planning. It is a necessity and also a policy that many companies are following for greater efficiency and profit.
There are many Third party vendors or direct company vendors are present in many industries including software, hardware etc. Today it is an integral part of business to manage information and knowledge, as it is the most important asset of an organization. Information security, legal documentation, trademarks, patents, copyright are some traditional and newly evolved concepts. Starting from design to concept today all can be patented or protected by legal documentation.
Today companies assess the brand value, customer information, internal customer satisfaction report, past and present client information before handing over non public information to vendors, like credit card details, bank information, even address phone numbers in mailing and calling lists, (PCI DSS Requirement 12.8 similarly requires covered entities to maintain a list of service providers with whom card holder data is shared.) To back up the institution's vendor risk assessments in conversations with regulators and auditors, it is also helpful to keep handy files containing due diligence and audit reports on the vendors or summaries of such reports.

Vendor risk management is the process organizations analyze not only from the point of view of past experience but also in case to case basis that can be particular to the partnership. This is particularly important for companies that relates to data sharing and the outsourcing of business functions and processing. Vendor risk management is a standard practice today and has matured to an extent where some leading financial industry groups such as BITS have standardized the process significantly through their Standard Information Gathering (SIG) and Agreed upon Procedures (AUP) standards. The use of these standards or their derivatives helps organizations quantify the risk that may be involved with their vendors and then incorporate appropriate risk lessening techniques and measures to alleviate the risk.
Vendor risk management process helps organizations to operate in a mutually secured environment that encircles security of organizations information, customer data and also third party vendor's operational security. It does not eliminate but certainly minimize security concerns involved in third party production of good and services, processing of information and handling data and process. This also enables the third party vendors to draw border line for their employees on basis of certain legal or agreed points within which they have to deliver and work. So it is mutually benefiting the principle organization and the vendor creating a secured platform of operation where both can deliver excellent product or service to their customers or interest groups.

Twitter Management Tool TweetSpinner

TweetSpinner can help large and small businesses and users generally increase their twitter productivity.

We offer a powerful suite of features commonly found in enterprise solutions for other media, including profile rotation, DM anti-spam and archiving, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), rules-based messaging, scheduling, and more.

2- Direct Message Inbox Anti Spam cleanup and archiving

If you didn't have anti-spam software for your personal email your inbox would be almost impossible. Twitter's equivalent to personal email is their Direct Message or DM system and has no such protection, many users avoid this often spam plagued area.

Tweet Spinner allows automated sophisticated anti spam rules to keep your DM inbox free of Spam. And when your DM inbox is too big to manage, you can archive all your messages from Twitter to our databases.

3- Schedule a rotation of your profiles and designs

Twitter gives you only a small sandbox to play. A tiny bio. One URL. Some design colors, and your profile image and background graphic.

TweetSpinner allows you to create many profiles and schedule their upload every hour or every day or whenever you would like. This helps you to maximize these special tools by giving your followers more information.

Rotate Background images, your profile url and colors and much more.

4- Customer Relationship Management Tool - More meaningful following

Tweet Spinner is decidedly not a "get-followers-fast" application and we are firmly against "follower churn". There is no point in having lots of people following you if they are not interested in what you do. Instead we bring customer relationship management tools to Twitter, helping you find and actually speak to your customers effectively.

We do this through a sophisticated analysis of candidate users allowing you to actually create and customize a number of filters to

Locate customers by location, allowing you to target certain users in different areas of the world.

Avoid spammers. Our configurable rules help you to bypass people who are tweeting too many urls and who never replay and have too few friends whose accounts are very new and who tweet too frequently, and other common Spam like stuff.

View friend-follower Overlaps with your competitors and in conjunction with multiple configurable filters - mimic follow a subset of them.

Create and configure immunity and your no follow lists by both usernames and word fragments, to never follow spam accounts or purge your most loyal customers.

Automatic analysis of the Tweet Stream of each Twitter user this will help avoid Spam Accounts, those who always tweet URLs or never engage in @replies.

Conduct Instant Market-Research with reciprocity scores and pie charts, which reveal keywords and other triggers that result in the most customer response.

As with everything, you can always review and refine because we keep exhaustive data of every action you take through our application.

5- Schedulable Campaigns - Rules based Tweets and DMs

Any effective Twitterer dedicate most of their time to individually replying and engaging in conversation with their customers. However, in today's 24-hour 7-days-a-week world, it's not always possible to keep

As such, TweetSpinner offers the ability to schedule rules-based tweets and direct messages. Much like you can configure your email client to automatically respond to common customer enquiries, we offer a simple programmatic interface to create, schedule, and personalize tweets and DMs. This ability to create rich, interactive campaigns can markedly supplement your hands-on Twitter communication. TweetSpinner

What Your Company Can Get from Storm Water Management

If you think that your company's efforts of saving paper and electricity are enough to contribute to the environment, think again. If you really wish to contribute to the environment, you must employ storm water best management practices (BMP). The storm water bmp are ways of keeping storm water away from natural bodies of water. This separation is necessary, since storm water usually has a significant amount of pollutants mixed with it. If it mixes with a natural body of water, marine life in that body of water can be greatly affected.

Purchasing and setting up a storm water bmp is very expensive, but do not be discouraged by the price. Just focus on what good it can bring to your company. Storm water bmp can save your company money and give your company a good reputation.

Company Savings

Due to this decade's growing concern for the environment, the government has established laws that deal with storm water management. Companies and households are required to contribute to the restoration of the United States' natural bodies of water. Should you refuse to do your part, your company will be sued. Aside from paying penalty fees, your company will also be responsible for the clean-up in case something goes awry.

Aside from the government, many non-government groups are strict about corporate social responsibilities. If your company dumps its storm water to the community's lake, you will suffer a long period of lawsuits and negative publicity. All your company's profits shall go to court settlements, lake cleaning and media censorship.

Good Reputation

Due to the demand for corporate social responsibility, consumers tend to value companies that are concerned about the community that they are in. By adapting stormwater BMP, you are taking a big leap in community protection, which builds your company's good reputation.

If you think that your company's products and services are good enough to establish a reputation, you are wrong. Many consumers are inclined to environmental protection. You will have to build stormwater BMPs systems to please green thumbs to continue succeeding in business.

Aside from saving money and building a reputation, employing stormwater BMPs makes your company a life saver. Not only are you protecting the lives in the community, you are also saving aquatic life and the entire planet itself.

Your savior from unnecessary attendance record management Biometrics.

The changing times with better and more accurate modes of communication and technology today are greatly making themselves available to the corporate world and cutting down on the cost of efficiency and production making them huge profits and handsome deals in return. Today when this modern age offers such great developments in the form of accurate gadgets which work according to the whim and fancies of its operator, it is very easy now to keep a track of all the latest developments in any company and mange the huge work force which needs efficient management and administration to work to its full potential.

The increasing competition today requires some very smart time management and administrative skills to beat your best competitors and therefore it's imperative that the latest technology and the gadgets you choose are very efficient and serve your purpose well. In companies where there are thousands of employees working it's virtually impossible to keep a track of everyone and maintain their records. The administrative guys are bound to gone berserk and end up in a fiasco. To make their job easier today many companies choose to adopt a new technology today called a biometrics which can easily recognize the employee's thumb impression and then accordingly mark time attendance and other required details. This decreases the pressure of the head of the administrative guys and makes sure that any kind of forgery or duplication is voided.

The multiple shift timings, chaos at the attendance register counter and slogging attitudes of the officials often can result in cost to the company and therefore it's imperative that the higher management introduces advanced ways to resolve the situation and here comes in the active role of a biometric system.Besides attendance the system can also be used for access control over certain areas which the management wants to prohibit for public use may be for security reasons and other confidential reasons.

The biometrics has multiple advantages to serve the satisfaction of its employer which include access badge, proximity readers, biometric - electronic security, access lock, time tracking, employee attendance etc. The accuracy of the biometric is also reliable and cannot be hampered with easily.

In the world of business today where time means money these kinds of gadgets and technological innovations are the need of the hour and an aid which cannot be paralleled by any human endeavor therefore its necessary that all you people out there who want to add to your profits install a biometric in your company instantly.

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The Important of IT Management to Our Daily Life

The advancement of technology has a great impact on our daily life and it is effective in all sectors of work. Be it security, business, medical or personal but technology also has its own drawbacks like it can go down at any moment of time and that is the reason IT Management is very much essential.

Body: - In every step of our life we take the help of technology. The mobile that we use, or the mode of communication, everything is the result of modern technology and said nothing can be perfect, likewise, technology can also create lots of trouble if not maintained or services properly.

Medical computer support: - Our medical science has reached to the advanced level with the help of modern technology. Now with various scanning systems, we can easily find out what the issue is and what is running inside our body. Radiology Information System or RIS is kind of network which is designed to obtain imagery and data as required in the medical field. It is kind of a secured medical vault where all details are tracked and stored on regular basis. So you need an expertise profession providing medical computer support to install and maintain the same to work without any trouble.

Business Computer Support: - Business IT Services is one of the most important requirements of any business as it requires storing various things which needs to be secured and functioning. Business IT Support is one of the busiest departments in the office as if a single error happens and not rectified quickly, it may cause huge loss to the business.

Cloud services is also an important aspect of Computer Network Support as instead of storing the data on the hard drive it is getting stored in the cloud storage, so it requires regular maintenance and servicing so that the information's are safely stored there.

Other than professional aspects, IT Management is also important for personal requirements like a simple configuration needs an expert technician to perform it quickly and efficiently. From installation of security cameras to Laptop Repair Pembroke Pines, the need of a professional IT Management is always there.

Rather going for the last moment repair, it is always suggested to have a regular maintenance service, especially for Business Computer Support.

Eternal Tech is in the field of Business Computer Support for more than one decade and the area of expertise is vast like Car Dealer Computer Services, Business IT Services, Network Repair Broward to the basic supports. So, if you are in South Florida and need any kind of IT Management, you can get the service from the best professionals. Visit our website for more details.

Train Management Has Correlation With Corporate Management – A Theory Coined by Zoheb Amin

Train management has correlation with corporate management- A Theory coined by Zoheb Amin

It is quite fascinating to watch a train running on a track. A close analysis of the concept of trains running on track, would reveal that trains and its management have correlation with corporate management. Infact there are many fascinating similarities in the management and running of trains with that of management of employees in a corporate world. There are many aspects in the management of trains which we can learn and replicate in a corporate world for better management of teams and employees.

The concept and methods used for designing and assembling of trains can be adopted for hiring of employees in a corporate. To assemble a train, lot of thought process and brain storming are done to decide as to what kind of bogies or coaches are required to be assembled for a particular train. The engine and the bogies are selected for assembling a train, based on the route or destination of that train or type of train. In a long journey train, the coaches of local trains or meter gauge train cannot be included, similarly in a local train or meter gauge train the coaches of long journey train cannot be included. If we correlate this aspect to that of a corporate world, then we do observe that in a corporate world, the employees are hired based on the requirement of a team within a department. If the hiring is required to be done for sales department, accordingly the employees are required to be selected, the candidates who are fit for engineering team cannot be included in a sales team. A train cannot run with a misfit coach or bogies, it might derail, similarly a department or team in a company can not include a misfit candidate within that team or department. The coaches and bogies of the trains are selected which can run for a long duration of time. Similarly while hiring an employee it is impertinent to assess the potential of employees, whether the employee which is being hired will not only be a fit for the current role but can also grow within the team.

The track of the train seems to be never ending track, however still the train reaches its destination. Each train is allotted its own track and fixed destination. Similarly in a corporate world, each company has a goal, though the goals are generally long term goals which appears to be never ending, however each department within that company are allotted targets and MBO which are generally short term and achievable. Hence it is impertinent for the company t ensure that the targets and MBO which the company sets for the department, team or employees are achievable just like a train's destination which is achievable though the track appears to be never ending.

It is fascinating to watch how a train is aligned while running on a track and further it is quite fascinating to see how it maintains its aligned condition throughout its journey. Correlating this aspect, in a corporate world it is also very important that the targets and the MBO of each department within that company should be aligned with the ultimate goal of the company. Further for the smooth functioning of the trains, the trains are driven by systems, processes and signals. The train driver has to adhere to those systems, and signals to avoid any untoward accidents. Similarly it is very important to set policies, processes and code of conduct within a corporate for the smooth working of the employees which would certainly avoid disputes within employees and departments interse. Regular monitoring of the systems and signals of the trains are done to ensure whether any corrective actions are required for the systems or not. In a corporate world, regular motoring of the code of conduct, policies are required to be done to ensure if any changes are required in the policies, processes and code of conduct to match with the changing laws governing the corporate world and its employees.

For the satisfaction of customers of the trains, the train authorities ensures that the trains are neat and clean, well maintained and the trains run smoothly without jerks. Similarly in a corporate it is very important to ensure that the employees understand the values of customer satisfaction. It is also important that the corporate understand the values of good working environment for the employees. During the journey of the train, there are various stoppages. Stoppages are provided with the objective that not only customers can get down or borad the train, but stoppages are also provided so that the on boarded customers can avail refreshment during their journey. Similarly in a corporate world, it is important that we understand the values of leaves and other employee outing programs which provide a break from the monotonous work and provide energy to work further.

Lastly if any coach or bogie of the train becomes defective then it is either required to be repaired or if it is irreparable then that coach or bogie is required to be removed else the entire train is at risk of being derailed. Similarly if any employee within a team has behavioural issue or is a non performer then that employee is required to be coached for improvement. However if that employee does not show any symptoms of improvement then that employee is required to be terminated for the betterment of the entire team.

A train has different classes of coaches, some of the coaches are air conditioned coaches, some of the coaches are normal sleeper coaches and depending upon the type of coaches the fare of that coach varies. Similarly in a corporate world there are different grades of employees and depending upon their grades, their salary varies.

The engine drives the train which is very important, similarly the HOD of any corporate department is the key but again engine cannot drive unless the coaches are well maintained. Further depending upon the route of the train, if there is a steep slope which the train is required to climb up on the hill, then in such circumstances double engine are required. Similarly in a department if activities are more, the team size is very large then that department not only needs a VP but it also requires a senior VP.

Trains are generally driven by systems and processes, however each coach has emergency breacks available for customers to use in the event of any emergency situations, Similalrly in a corporate world while the employees and departments are required to work in accordance to the set targets, processes and code of conduct, however in the event of any emergency situations within a corporate world, the employees are required to be empowered to take appropriate decisions in deviation of std processes to tackle emergency situations.

The comparison of train management versus corporate management is an interesting analysis which can be continued to analyzed for various other situations. there are many things which are required to be learnt from train management. Theory coined by Zoheb Amin